Party Planning On A Budget


One of the easiest ways I have found to save money on the cost of a birthday party are the decorations. There are so many amazing printables and how-tos available on the net for free, that you can minimize your costs to the materials needed to complete the projects. Parties are no different. A simple search will bring you so many ideas and in most cases a focused search will bring up freebies you can use for your party.

WallHangersMarina’s theme this year is Frozen and I went on a massive search for anything I could find Frozen related. I found some beautiful printables available on Disney’s website. The first thing that caught my eye was the gorgeous Elsa Wall hanger which will go perfectly with our theme. The also have cute Olaf and Anna wall hangers.

I also found some great Printing3D paper dolls of both Elsa and Anna That we will be using as part of our center pieces.

Here is a list of some party printable packs that I have found for free:

For the paper plates and utensils, we’ll be going the the color scheme of the party. Our local dollar store carries a great selection of party supplies in different colors at an average of $1.00 per package, which is a significant savings compared to what it would cost to purchase character driven supplies.


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