The Dessert Bar Dilemma


I have been searching the net for weeks trying to plan the perfect Frozen themed party for Marina and the one thing that I come across constantly are these gorgeous displays of sweets and goodies that would entice both children and adult alike. They also come at a very hefty price tag.

BdaycakeThe centerpiece is usually a cake that is either an elegant confection of swirling buttercream in themed colors or a towering work of art. The price tag on these cakes can range from $60 for a simple grocery store bakery cake to $100s of dollars for a cake from a specialty bakery. I am planning a party meant for toddlers who aren’t going to really care about how everything looks so I am redirecting the money I would spend on the cake into non food surprises for the kids.

To cut the costs of purchasing a cake we are going to bake Marina’s cake from scratch. My mom has baked cakes for each of us throughout the years and I am looking forward to one of her homemade cakes this year for Marina. I will be sharing her recipe in another post later this month.

CakepopsNo desert bar would be complete without a couple of other treats like cake pops and chocolate dipped oreos. My sister and I are going to tackle those with her. These will be a first for us and I am looking forward to channeling my inner “Cake Boss”.

With all of the inspiration and how-tos on the net, I am sure we can create some delectable treats the kids will love.


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