Preschool – Week 1 – The Color Red

marina-redMarina and I were very excited to start her first week of home school preschool with HomeCEOAcademy! Week 1’s focus was on the color red and letter sounds for C and M.

marinapeekMarina already knows all of her colors but the color focus portion of the lesson provided good reinforcement of the color and was a great theme to use with other portions of the lesson for us.  I really loved that we could incorporate so many of the learning tools we already have into the curriculum and I can tailor it around her needs.

I let Marina pick and choose which aspects of the lessons she wants to try each time and let her take breaks as she needs. It has worked very well for us previously and she seems to stay more focused on her tasks when she is ready to do them. We started our first morning by doing a color sort using the initial print outs provided, then by sorting her magnetic alphabet, color figures and stringing buttons.

marinacardsMarina loved using her red crayons for her assignments and practicing her fine motor skills by tracing lines, drawing circles, rectangles and squares. She knows her shapes as well, so she was really excited to see how the shapes were associated with the world around her.

Her favorite portion of this weeks lesson has been the letter sounds flash cards. She loves sorting the cards and has made it a habit of going through them every day on her own. I look forward to added the next set of letters to them as we continue to work through the program.

If you are looking for an engaging, well-rounded curriculum program for your child, HomeCEOAcademy is perfect.


2 thoughts on “Preschool – Week 1 – The Color Red

  1. lifeonadime says:

    Beautiful post, Carmen! I’m thrilled to see the marina loved the curriculum. The first week I pushed a bit too hard and Charlotte wasn’t the most responsive. Once I stepped back I realize I was way in the wrong! The second week is night and day for us. What was your favorite part of the week?

    • Carmen says:

      Thank you 🙂 Getting in the flow of things is the hard part. We’ve been working with Marina for quite a while with her loveys–Baby Jack and Co has the best educational loveys– I learned quickly that she can be extremely stubborn and uncooperative if I push her too hard. We get more accomplished if I just show her what we have to work on and let her pick and choose. I love the letter sound flash cards. She is learning new words and objects. We took it a bit farther this week and are using her magnetic letters on her white board to spell the words as well.

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