Review – TX Juice Sonar Copter – ON SALE!!

TX Juice Sonar Copter

The world’s first helicopter to feature Sonar technology and Artificial Intelligence. Fed up with crash take off and landings from regular toy helicopter? Activate the patented auto-take off with just one press of the Juice Button thus avoiding ceiling and wall crashes on take off. Find out more on Amazon.

Sale Price: $18.93  Regular Price: $79.99

This helicopter was purchased for my 15yo brother as a Christmas gift. So far he really likes it. It is easy to fly and control. The take off and landing can be controlled by sonar to keep you from accidentally crashing it. It seems to be sturdy in the body and the rotors but the legs are a little flimsy. He had one break during the first use but it was easily fixed with a little super glue. The actual fly time is really short. He gets somewhere between 5 – 10 minutes of fly time and it takes 30 minutes to charge back up. Once you really get the helicopter up and flying you have to bring it back down because of the battery life. I think the pros outweigh the cons because he is having fun with it so I would still recommend this. I can’t wait to fly it myself after Christmas break when he’s back in school. I do not think it is worth the actual recommended retail price but it was a very good deal right now!



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