Baby Jack and Company and #spreadthelovey

First of all I want to state that this post is not a review or a sponsored post in any way. I just believe in what the company does. My little brother has a blanket that was given to him while he was in a hospital burn unit at 18 months old. Luckily he only had to spend one night in the hospital but he loved that blanket and slept with it for years. He is 15 now and still has the blanket put away.

Baby Jack and Company understands how comforting it is for little ones to receive a gift like that, especially when they are in a scary place with so many strange people around them. Not only do they donate to charitable organizations but they started the #spreadthelovey Kindness Campaign to allow their customers to get involved and become Kindness Reps in their own communities.

You can purchase a 14×18″ lovey blanket at a discounted price to be sent to any hospital or organization listed on their #spreadthelovey page. They also have an option to join their Kindness Rep team. Check out their #spreadthelovey page for more information on how you can donate or join the team. You can also visit their instagram page to see how much these donations mean to the little ones.

About Baby Jack and Company:
It all started with a boy. A boy who loved ribbons. The boy behind the brand, our CEOJack once got his finger stuck in a ribbon loop so we decided to come up with a unique design that is safer for little fingers. Baby Jack and Company sells sensory tag blankets with sewn shut ribbon tabs. These tabs are a great form of entertained, comfort and our new design is educational.


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