Keeping it simple.

MarinaOutside3With so much stuff going on in my life it’s easy to forget that sometimes it the simplest things that can make a difference. Watching Marina explore the world around her, enjoying many of the things we take for granted, reminded me that I don’t have to keep a hectic pace. I can take the time to discover simple things like the squishy feel of a mushroom and the softness of the grass beneath my feet. There is wonder all around us if we just take the time to explore it.

This parenting thing is a whole new experience and just knowing that a little person depends on you for everything from learning life’s lessons to being clothed, fed and kept happy, can be overwhelming. I ask myself everyday how my parents managed to do it so many times. But then I look at MarinaOutside4the wonder and joy on my little girl’s face and understand exactly how they did it. There is so much innocence and unconditional love that you can’t help but nurture it and in those moments when I am feeling overwhelmed, I will remember to keep it simple. Life doesn’t have to be complicated.


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