To My Professor That Has No Children…

MarinastandboxI know it’s hard to understand the huge responsibility of caring for a tiny human is, especially when that little human is a 17 month old that has no fear or survival instincts. So before you tell us parents that we should be able to focus on other things like studying, research, etc., while we are watching a toddler, you should give it a try yourself.

You do not just “shoo” a toddler away when they are demanding your attention.  There are way too many interesting objects in their world that may cause them harm, including in areas that have been “child-proofed”.  While you were busy “shooing” that child away, they found some really cool wires to play with that are attached from your laptop to an electrical outlet. No matter how safe you try to make their environment there is always something to get into or climb on. All it takes is one second of inattention. Children are smart and come up with some pretty ingenious ways of escaping safe zones like stacking toys to use as a ladder. In the case of my daughter, she has learned to open the safety gate.

MarinaRockingChairNot everyone gets 8 hours of sleep a night as you implied in class yesterday either. I get up early in the morning and stay up well after my daughter goes to sleep so I can have a little time to myself to take care of classwork, projects for work and school and honestly just to take a breather and unwind. If my child is awake, so am I. It doesn’t matter how little sleep I have gotten. I completed my first semester of college on caffeine in a semi dream state because I had a baby that needed a diaper change or to be feed at all hours of the night. To imply that parents don’t care about their grades and can manage their time better to work in that 8 hours of sleep and all the coursework required without it being in an occasional rush to get things done is naive. Many of us not only attend college, but we also have jobs as well a children. Time is a commodity for us and we manage it the best we can.

In the future , I would suggest making statements from experience and not your preconceived notions of what parenting and childcare should be like in your dream world.


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