Missing Summer Already!

Me&MarinaSummer is over and I am back to school. Marina and I had a great time this summer in the pool,  going for walks and visiting the aquarium. Now I am back to the grindstone and missing her every second I am away.

Some of my favorite summer finds:

These have become must haves for on the go and at home. The green salve has been amazing for mosquito bites and the bitesizers has made it very easy to cut Marina’s food into small pieces at home and on the go.

MarinaPoutIt’s hard to believe that my baby girl is no longer a baby. She is a 25lb package of toddler dynamite that has no self preservation instincts. I completely understand my Mom’s obsessiveness  for baby proofing the house and having a completely safe play zone and even that can have it’s gray areas. My child is a climber so therefore anything from stuffed animals to the toy box becomes a stepping stool and she is fast! If she doesn’t hear the latch lock click on the gate she can have it open and take off through the kitchen in a matter of seconds. We have been busy installing cabinet latches in the kitchen and safety straps on dressers and anything else she can pull over.

She loves to read and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She sings and dances along with the characters and adores Minnie Mouse. She is getting a pretty big vocabulary and says please and thank you, though everything is a cat until she learns otherwise. I think she’s going to be a cat for Halloween this year!


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