Yes, He’s Weird…So What…

Carmen&JTThis is my little brother, JT. He drive’s me nuts… He’s weird…He’s very socially awkward…He just doesn’t get what you are saying and takes everything literally- Sounds like a lot of little brothers doesn’t it- But he’s not like most little brothers…He has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Now the first thing I want everyone to understand is that he is not and will never be defined by his diagnosis. Just because he needs assistance at school to handle social situations or sometimes just needs a quiet place to desensitize himself does NOT mean he is weird, stupid, or crazy, or anything else I’ve heard people describe him as.  That young man you dub as crazy or stupid happens to easily be in the top 10 grade wise in his freshman class. He has a photographic memory and can give any college professor a run for their money when it comes to knowledge of most subjects, especially those he takes a special interest in.

JTandMarinaHe worked very hard for years to be able to write legibly, tie his shoes, handle being in large groups of people, deal with all the noise around him…He also take honors classes and was a step ahead by taking some of his freshman classes while he was in middle school. In 11th grade he’ll be taking classes that will count as college credits.

He’s  an incredibly awesome uncle. He wasn’t too sure about Marina at first. He thought she was cute but was afraid to hold her. Now he loves holding and playing with her. He always keeps her giggling.  She adores her Uncle JT and looks forward to when he gets home from school each day. I may not tell him or show it often, but I am very proud of him and everything he has accomplished. He’s an incredibly smart and giving person and  he can be a lot of fun to hang out with 🙂

I hope anyone who reads this stops to think before they judge someone by what they may see/hear on the outside. Everyone is weird or crazy in their own way. It is part of what makes us individuals.


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