Review – Why Marina is a L’ovedbaby…Grab Bag Reveal!


L’ovedbaby short sleeve bodysuit in white.

One of the biggest issues I have had with Marina is very sensitive skin. Something as simple as a drop of vinegar will cause a rash on her so I am very careful with detergents I use to wash her clothing, bedding and lovies in. I also have to be careful of the dyes and material that come in contact with her skin. It can be trial and error. Most of the time the rash shows up very quickly and very red and other time it’s small raised bumps all over her skin. Because of her sensitivity, I became very conscious of the clothing she wears. The material and dyes used are very important to me as well as the styles and overall comfort and fit of the clothing. These problems sent me on a search for 100% organic cotton clothing for her.   In my search I found L’ovedbaby on Amazon and fell in love with the simple styles and colors of their baby and children’s clothing. Anyone who has done the research has seen that organic cotton clothing is much more expensive than the standard clothing available in stores. After saving some money for a couple of months, I purchased several bodysuits to try out in the 18-24mth range to make sure I got a fit


L’ovedbaby shortalls in lavender

that would last awhile for her.

I LOVE this clothing line. The fit is great and the material is so soft and comfortable. I love the colors and styles, Marina has plenty of growing room in them but what stands out the most for me is there are NO synthetic dyes that could harm her skin. L’ovedbaby clothing is 100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton.

A couple of months after my initial purchase, the snaps in the shoulders of two of the bodysuits had come off. I was very disappointed so I did a search online and contacted L’ovedbaby through their website. The customer service was outstanding and they replaced the bodysuits for me. Good customer service is a big factor for me. Quite often I do not get taken seriously because I am so young but I am a very conscientious shopper. I research products before I buy because when I do make a purchase, I want that item to be durable and great quality. L’ovedbaby clothing is that and so much more. They treat their customers with respect and stand behind the product quality. While I was on their website I found out that they run contests every Tuesday and also have a “Big Find” on the first Thursday of each month. The contests are great-Who wouldn’t wanted to win a cool prize-but the “Big Finds” are my favorite.  They normally offer a “Big Find” Item for $8.50 for 24 hours which i love but they have also


Shortalls, sleeveless bodysuit, and headband

featured 4 piece item grab bags. For between $30 – $35 you can purchase 4 surprise items. This is an affordable way for me to add their clothing to Marina’s wardrobe. You can see my first grab bag reveal here. I received my second grab bag purchase yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled with it. The package came with 2 shortalls, a sleeveless bodysuit, and a headband. Very adorable additions to Marina’s wardrobe and perfect for our hot southern summers. Be sure to check out L’ovedbaby for beautiful organic cotton basics and tell them Carmen sent you 🙂


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