MeandMarina2I am officially finished with my second semester of college. I am registered for one online summer class and have already registered for my fall semester. I still haven’t decided what I want to major in. It is such a tough choice since I had to rearrange what my plans were but I am taking a class in the fall that is in the area of interest that I originally wanted. I may not be able to get into the exact field of work I wanted but I am trying to look at a broader aspect and see if something related to it catches my interest. I’m also going to get a drawing class in. I love to draw and am looking forward to gaining some more skills in that area.

Marina is doing fantastic. She has the balance and the mechanics of walking down but she still doesn’t quite trust herself. She will walk a few steps without holding on to anything and then realize what she did then drop to the floor and crawl. I have a feeling when she finally realizes that she can do it she will go straight to running! She’s really been enjoying some of the new toys she got for her birthday. A couple of her favorites are the Smart Stages Car and the Little People Magic Kingdom play set, both from Fisher-Price. I have a lot of fun sitting with her and playing. She’s so smart and catches on to how the toys work very quickly. We also have a lot of fun playing catch with the balls my little brother got her. She is getting pretty good at aiming and throwing. She also loves when we read books, play music and sing. When she hears a song playing she will hum along with it.MarinaLaugh I love to see her laugh and smile. She is always so happy.

I am looking forward to a fun filled summer with her. I can’t wait to take her swimming in the pool. She loves water so being in the pool is going to be a big thrill for her. I’m also looking forward to scheduling some play dates with some of my friends. Now that I will have some free time it will be so much easier to schedule. We have some great parks in our area and a very cool petting zoo/ animal sanctuary that is a must visit for us this summer.

No matter how much I have had to change my life and plans, every moment I get to spend with Marina makes everything worth it!




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