My Crazy Life…

MarinaBdaycakeThe past couple of weeks has been pretty crazy around the house so I am a bit late in posting.  Marina’s first birthday party on the 11th. We had a great time with family and friends. Marina had a great time swinging on the porch, playing and opening her presents. She got some really awesome gifts from everyone.  I can only hope everyone knows how much I appreciate everything they do.

She wasn’t too keen on the smash cake but we found out after giving her a bath that she had an allergic skin reaction to the blue frosting. Every spot the blue frosting touched made a rash on her skin. Luckily it was gone by the time I put her to bed that night. From now on it is white frosting only!

Mom made some awesome food for the party. We had 2 different kinds of pulled pork bbq, baked beans, pasta salad, veggie trays and fresh MarinaGlassesstrawberries. The strawberries where a huge hit and they were locally grown so they were really fresh. I love our local strawberries.

I am in the middle of exams the next couple of weeks and I have scheduled an online class for the summer so I can still get a class in and be able to spend time with Marina instead of going to class 5 days a week.  I am looking forward to spending some of these summer days in the pool with my little diva. I think we are both ready for some summer sun and just a break from everything.



6 thoughts on “My Crazy Life…

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    • Carmen says:

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      • anthonyarian says:

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