What a week!

HappygirlIt’s been a little crazy around here. The week started with me breaking my cell phone–Luckily I can use my mom’s until mine is replaced next week. One of my professors has been out for 3 weeks because of surgery. Nothing like taking a college course with no instructor present and still have assignments due that you have no idea what is needed and no professor to ask. 4 more weeks and the semester is over. I’ll get a nice break for the summer.

Marina has been doing a great job with her balance and has thought about taking a few steps to me without holding on to anything but she still isn’t quite sure of herself. I have no doubt once she gains her confidence she will be unstoppable. She loves music and hums along when she hears it and now says several distinct words. My dad built a wood toddler swing for her and she loves it. She’d spend all day outside on the porch in it if she could. She is so incredibly smart. It’s amazing to watch her learn and figure things out.

Marina’s birthday party is this Saturday and preparations are in full swing. Her theme is mermaids and under the sea. My mom and sister made a pull string pinata for the party out of a cardboard box and tissue paper. It turned out really nice 🙂 Tomorrow will be a full day of prepping party food, picking the cakes up and decorating. I’m crossing my fingers that Saturday will be nice and sunny so we can still hold it outside but the forecast is rain. It was supposed to rain all week but we haven’t seen a drop yet.

The coolest thing that has happened so far this week, My mom won a 7 piece Balboa Baby bedding set for Marina from Project Nursery. She chose the Pink Camellia bedding. It’s going to look great in her crib and I won’t have to shop for toddler bedding later. It is so beautiful. I am going to have fun decorating our room around the colors.


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