What do you mean the gift box is a baby bed…

BabyBox2Yesterday was my friend Savannah’s baby shower. She is expecting her 2nd baby, A little girl, on April 27th. I really wanted to do something special for her. Even though she had a baby boy to worry about, this girl spent all day at the hospital with me when I was in labor with Marina and did not leave my side until after she was born later that night. She has supported me from the moment I found out I was pregnant and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.

I had been picking up stuff for her shower for a couple of months so I had some really great stuff for her already but then I came across a company called The Baby Box Company. The whole concept behind the box really had me intrigued. The box actually is a baby bed with a mattress that is much thicker and better than you find in bassinets. The box takes up less space and is extremely portable so you can move it from room to room easily or bring it with you to use for the baby when you are visiting friends and family. It also supports safe sleep.

I entered Marina into a photo contest they were having and she won The Classic Baby Box! I was ecstatic as I couldn’t afford to purchase one for Savannah. I then added the goodies I bought for the baby.  A bath set and lotions just for her because she is going to need all of the pampering she can get and a cool octopus bath toy for her son because big brothers need to be included too. I then paired the box with a big box of pampers diapers. I think Savannah loved her gift and I can’t wait for her to bring that sweet baby over for a visit with her baby box!

The Baby Box is based on the concept that Finland has been using for 75 years. The Government started providing boxes filled with baby essentials, clothing, etc and the box doubled as a bed for the baby to keep parents who couldn’t afford a baby bed from sleeping with their baby. The box is credited with bringing their infant mortality rate down and is now provided to all expectant mothers, no matter their income.

I love The Baby Box Company and everything it stands for. They promote safe sleep for infants and give back to the community.

Be sure to stop by their website or Facebook and check them out.


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