Thank You Dr. Brown’s

When I was pregnant with Marina, I did a lot of researching before choosing the bottles I finally purchased for her. I went with Dr. Brown’s because I had heard the horror stories of babies with colic (my little brother was one of those babies) and I wanted a bottle that would help reduce colic, spitting up and air ingestion. My mother used Avent for my brother. She said they did wonders for him but she also told me if they were available when he was born, she would have used Dr. Brown’s. I love the design of Dr. Brown’s and could see how it would work to reduce the amount of air Marina was getting. They are awesome! You can see how the bottle works as the baby is drinking. Marina hardly ever spit up and she never had colic. I love them so much that I make sure all of my friends know about these bottles and how well they worked for Marina.

I’ve posted before that I have quite a few friends that are either pregnant or have new babies. I had given several of them Dr. Brown’s bottles as Marina grew out of the different sizes. I was completely down to a set of bottles that was given to me without the inner valves, caps and nipples. These were just the bottle base.  I couldn’t find replacement parts at a reasonable price so I spoke to Dr. Brown’s customer service and they sent me replacement pieces for 6 bottles. Those bottles are now in the hands of another pregnant friend that needed them.

Dr. Brown’s is one of those company’s that truly cares about their customers. Thank you for helping me help another young mother!



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