Review – Baby Diego Cub’Zone

Playyard My family and I spend a lot of our evenings in the family room/home office. This room has the majority of the electronics, from the TV to the computers so when Marina started crawling I knew I really needed a safe area for her to play but large enough to give her some freedom.  My parents and I did a lot of shopping around for a playpen that would suit Marina’s needs but kept coming up short when it came to size and durability. I already had a pack and play with a detachable bassinet but the play area just wasn’t big enough.  During our search we came across the Baby Diego Cub’Zone.

MarinaPlayardI LOVE this play yard! It was very easy to put together. The set included 8 panels that interlock with each other. One of the panels features a play phone, picture house and ball spinner, another includes a gate with a safety lock.  You can shape it as an octagon or my preference is a square. The panels are easy to clean and the play area is huge! There is 23 sq feet of play room. Marina has plenty of room to play and practice walking.  Marina loves to walk around the Cub’Zone and I love the fact that there is plenty of room for me to hop in and play with her and it is an investment that grows with her. You can easily remove or add panels to make the play area smaller or larger.  Baby Diego offers extension packs if you need more room.  I also love the that it can be use indoors or outdoors.

If you are looking for a play yard that is safe and has plenty of room for play, I highly recommend the Baby Diego Cub’Zone.


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