L’ovedbaby Grab Bag Reveal!

LovedBaby As promised I am doing a reveal of the L’ovedbaby grab bag from Thursday’s Big Find. For each grab bag you could choose your top 3 colors, the size and spring or fall line.  We received 2 of the 3 packages ordered so the picture contains 2 grab bags. My packages were 18-24months, spring line, varying colors. Each grab bag contained 2 Short Sleeve Body Suits and 2 pair of shorts. There was a great combination of colors in both packages. Even though both contained a white bodysuit and lavender shorts I will be able to do some serious mix and match with the clothing Marina already has. I loved the muted tones and how soft the clothes are. L’ovedbaby uses 100% organic cotton for their clothing line MarinaLovedbabyso they are all very soft.  The clothing is very well made and I love the design. Unlike much of the baby clothing available, these items are cut to fit properly and not too tight. Retail value of each item is $18 so if I had purchased them at regular price I would have paid $144 so with the shipping costs I saved $84. This deal was worth every penny.

Marina looks adorable in her green bodysuit and caramel shorts and she loved the other goodies she received.  We both can’t wait to see what the last grab bag contains.

Be sure to check out L’ovedbaby’s website for their Thursday’s Big Find on the 1st Thursday of each month.


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