Review – Evenflo ExerSaucer Activity Center

ExcerSaucer 2 When I was shopping around for an Activity Center/Jumper for Marina, I had to take into consideration the cost, how long she would be able to use it, portability, and the size. I knew I wanted something that would allow her to not only turn 360 degrees but also have the capability of bouncing so she could exercise her legs. Evenflo’s ExerSaucer provides all of that and more.

ExerSaucer 1I am thrilled with the ExcerSaucer. Marina has been using it since she was 4 months.  The legs have 3 positions so as she has grown it grew with her. It can handle babies up to 30″ tall or when they start walking so we can still use it at the moment. The price was very economical and you do not need batteries for any of the included toys/activities. I can easily move it from the living room to the bedroom. Like all toys of this nature it does take up a lot of space but the tray around it is large enough to keep your little one from getting fingers squished when they rock and bounce. Marina loves to rock, spin, and bounce in it and the toys help keep her entertained.

Happy BabyPros:

  • Price
  • Grows with your baby
  • No batteries to replace
  • Bounce, rock, and jumping motions
  • Easy to move


  • Size

I highly recommend this product to other parents. This is a must have activity center that really grows with your baby. I paid around $50 for it and am definitely getting my money’s worth of use. I think we are both going to be disappointed when she finally outgrows it.

You can find out more about Evenflo on their  website or Facebook page.


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