Review – Gerber Graduates Tri-Suction Bowls

GerberBowlsSince Marina started getting a mouth full of teeth, I have been having a hard time getting her to eat baby food. She much prefers to feed herself and loves eating finger foods and table food. I purchased the Gerber Graduates Tri-Suction Bowls because I was looking for something that would stay put on the highchair tray and allow Marina to be able to practice feeding herself.

The package contains two bowls and one lid. I do wish that it came with a second lid but that in no way detracts from the product quality and I love the bright colors. The bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe. They are BPA free and feature 3 suction cups on the base of the bowl.

I absolutely love that these bowls have 3 suctions cups on the bottom. This allows the bowls to really stay attached to the tray and is much harder for Marina to pull the bowl off. Believe me she really tries! I have been able to grab the bowl in time before contents were spilled or the entire bowl landed on the floor when she has actually been able to pull it off. Most of the time she is unable to. I don’t think all of the suction cups were attached properly in the cases that she has pulled the bowls off of the tray. I would definitely recommend these. They are very affordable and are a pretty generous size so Marina won’t outgrow them too quickly.

To find out more about Gerber Graduates  you can visit Gerber or Nuk.



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