Such A Sweet Gift!

MeandCarolynI’d like to introduce you to Carolyn, my beautiful friend on the right. Carolyn is going through so many crazy things in her life and she doesn’t know it but she is such a beautiful, caring, strong person. We have had our ups and downs since we met in middle school and for a long time really drifted away from each other. When I found out I was pregnant with Marina, our relationship started changing again. She really supported me during my pregnancy and when she found out she was pregnant, I tried my best to support her during her pregnancy. It is amazing how much friendships strengthen as you grow up because seriously….we both did a lot of growing up!



Carolyn found out she was having identical twins very early in her pregnancy. I was very excited for her and worried as well. I know how hard it is with one baby but this girl is going to have her hands full with two. Carloyn’s due date was in March but one of the babies started showing sings of distress and on Jan 16th, the doctor performed a C-section and little Madilynn and Allison were born. They are so tiny, both weighing under 3lbs.  Carolyn can’t bring her precious babies home yet but each day they put on more weight and make more progress. Both girls are doing well enough that she is able to hold them and do “kangaroo time”.



Aren’t these little cuties precious?  I haven’t gotten the chance to meet them in person yet but I am looking forward to holding both of them and giving them lots of love.

Having people around you that support you during troubling times, life changes or even just because, is so important. We may not agree 100% on every aspect of life and sometimes manage to just drive each other up the wall but I am so thankful I have Carolyn in my life.



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