Review – Baby Buddy Oral Care Care Kit

BabyBuddyKitOne of the most important things you can do for your baby is take care of their gums and teeth from the moment they are born. I have used soft cloths and a finger brush massager for Marina since she was born. Now that she has quite a few more teeth and tends to bite down when I use the finger brush, I was looking for something that had a handle and would be easy for her to hold while I helped her clean her teeth. There are so many different brushes available but I has having a hard time finding that in between brush that would work for both of us.  After quite a bit of research, I came across a company called Baby Buddy that manufactures a toothbrush with the design I was looking for. They have a complete line of oral care specifically for ages 0 – 24 months. I was given the awesome opportunity to review Baby Buddy’s oral care kit with Marina.

I love that this kit contains everything you need to care for your baby’s gums. This would make a unique and much needed gift at any baby shower and I love that it comes in so many different colors. The kit came nicely gift packaged in an organza bag and contained:

  • Stage 1: Tooth Tissues 30ct
  • Stage 2: Silicone Finger Toothbrush
  • Stage 3: Wipe N Brush
  • Stage 4: Baby’s 1st Toothbrush
  • Stage 5: 360 Toothbrush Step 1 (Soft)

Tooth Tissues & Wipe and Brush:  I love that the tooth tissues are all natural bamboo and contain no paraben or fluoride. Marina really likes the bubble gum flavor. I like that you could use them with the wipe and brush system. The Wipe and Brush has a hole at the fingertip to allow the wipe to show through. It worked very well cleaning her gums and teeth as well as soothing her tender gums.


MarinaToothbrushBaby’s First Toothbrush: This brush is awesome.  It is made from 100% food grade silicone. I Love the shape and the curved bristled end. It fits right on Marina’s gums perfectly and cleans both top and bottom teeth and gums while she chews on it. It is very easy for her to hold and use. This is her favorite gum soother, teeth cleaning system by far. She loves it so much that I have purchased more to make sure I have replacements and extras to keep in her diaper bag when we are on the go. This is a must have for us!

360 Toothbrush Step 1: I really like that the bristles are very fine and completely circle the head of the brush. It makes cleaning her teeth so much easier for me because of the head shape and I really think this is helping  Marina prepare to use a brush on her own later. Baby Buddy manufactures these brushes for older children and adults as well and I am definitely going to purchase one to try myself.

To Find out more about Baby Buddy you can visit their website or Facebook Page. Visit to learn more about the Baby Buddy Oral Care program.


**Disclaimer: Baby Buddy provided a complete oral care kit in pink to me to facilitate my honest review**

3 thoughts on “Review – Baby Buddy Oral Care Care Kit

  1. doriandean says:

    Great information here! My little one loves to have her gums and teeth brushed, but she wants to do it herself at 18 months. It is a struggle to say the least in my willful one. I have to make her sit still to get it done. Maybe that brush will help. I am happy to have found your blog!

    • Carmen says:

      Marina can be pretty willful too, especially with her gums being so tender from teething. The first toothbrush has really helped with this and we have had less struggles when we use the 360 toothbrush. She gets to hold her brush while I help her get her teeth clean with the 360.

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