Classes in full swing…Can it get any crazier??

Marina-ElephantMy Spring semester started and I’m really in the full swing of things. I’m taking four classes this semester. I had planned on taking a painting class but had to drop it because of the cost of the materials :/ I think I really would have enjoyed it but just couldn’t afford the $300+ to get everything the professor required for the class. That’s more than a couple of my books that I can actually use for more than 1 semester and unlike the textbooks, I can’t resell the used art supplies. Oh well… Maybe I’ll take a drawing class instead next semester.

Marina now has 3 top teeth. She’s walking around her playpen by holding on to the sides and she absolutely loves to try to feed herself. Sometimes she refuses to eat if I am the one holding the spoon. She wants to do it all on her own. I picked up these great Gerber Graduates Tri-Suction bowls and have let her have at it. She makes a mess but she sure has fun doing it. These bowls are awesome. I’ll have to write a review later for them.

Three of my very good friends just had their babies all within a week of each other. Two of them had handsome little boys and my other friend had to have a c-section at about 31 weeks. She had 2 beautiful little twin girls both under 3 lbs. They are doing very well but will not be able to come home from the hospital for a little while. It has been a busy month for babies!

Finally, I haven’t really posted about some of the issues I have been having after I gave birth to Marina. I have been so run down. I had thought it was because Marina wasn’t sleeping all night but now, even with her sleeping, I am always fatigued. I’ve had weird rashes just pop up, I haven’t lost the weight I gained during pregnancy, no matter what I do. I cut calories way down and I am doing low carbs. I go to the gym at least 4 days a week and still nothing. At least I haven’t gained anymore weight!  I’m always bloated, my liver was enlarged and the list just goes on.  I had a bunch of tests done for my stomach and intestines, etc to find out what was going on with my liver. All of the tests came up with nothing.  My mom suggested I ask the doctor to test my thyroid. I got a phone call back from my doctor’s office that I indeed have a thyroid problem and am now waiting to see another specialist. This time, hopefully, we can make some headway and I can get back to being “me”. Not just with dropping the weight I gained but in general feeling like myself.



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