NUK you have made my day!

MarinaChillingYes, Marina is a binky baby and I have been using the Nuby Prima pacifiers but she is still very picky about the shape of the nipple, so on nights she is being extremely picky I’ve had to revert back to her NUK newborn pacifiers. Especially now that she has been sick. They do have a much smaller handle than the pacifier style we had problems with. I have been searching like crazy for a pacifier without a handle that she will use instead but no luck :/

I decided to check out NUK’s website to see what they have coming out this year. They do have awesome sippy cups and toddler feeding products. To my surprise they will be releasing some pacifiers WITHOUT handles! The Small Talk, Cute As A Button, and Night Glow pacifiers. I am very impatiently waiting for them to release in stores! They still have the pacifiers with the huge handles available so I don’t think the incident with Marina had anything to do with the development of the new style of pacifiers but it is awesome to see that they will have pacifiers available without a handle!!


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