Can’t Live Without Pampers Diapers

MarinaPampersWith Marina being 9 months old now, I have had plenty of time to try out different diaper brands. I try to shop carefully because diapers can get expensive and I take advantage of sales whenever I can but when is comes down to it, the brand that works the best for us is Pampers. After many diaper trials trying to save money, I have found that using Pampers SAVES me money and time.

Marina is suffering from one of those viruses that is going around and unfortunately for both of us she is leaking from both ends O.O Pampers has done a wonderful job keeping the blow outs at bay. They fit around her legs like they should and the inner elastic helps keep the mess contained. Even when she isn’t sick, Pampers keeps her dry all night. I have tried other diapers overnight and she has woken up completely soaked. She sleeps better and is more comfortable throughout the night.  Those boxes come in handy too. Not only does Marina like them, they make awesome photo props too 🙂MarinaXmasBox

Their customer service is awesome too!  I had a problem with 2 different boxes of the diapers. The tabs ripped off of several of the diapers from both boxes. Their customer service not only handled the situation very quickly, they also provided me with some great pampers coupons to replace the two boxes. For a single mom/starving college student that is a big thing for me. I can’t afford to waste money and I am thankful that they stand behind their product.

Pampers also has a really cool rewards program. Each package of diapers and wipes has a code you enter to earn points toward really awesome stuff from contest entries to toys. I’m trying to save up for the Step II Cozy Kitchen! I love this rewards program. Every 3 months you earn a reward just for entering codes from diapers or wipes each month. You can find out more information about their rewards program and their Grow On gifts here.

To learn more about pampers and their products you can visit their website. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page as well. They love to reward followers with extra bonus reward points!

** The Pampers diapers were purchased by me and I chose to review them because I love these diapers and wanted to share my experience using them with my readers**



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