Final Exams and Teething o.O

MarinaKiss I have spent the last week apologizing to my mom for all of the sleepless nights she had to endure on my behalf. I don’t know how she managed to stay sane and she chose to repeat the torture 4 times O.O Maybe she really isn’t sane anymore and puts up a good front.

According to Mom, I am very lucky. Marina isn’t a fussy baby. She’s always happy and smiling, which is very true but when she does have a problem, like a stuffy nose or teething, it usually happens during the time that I am preparing for tests. This week I am preparing for final exams and those 2 top teeth are wreaking havoc on her. She is having a hard time staying asleep at night and has been fussy for the last couple of days.  I hate when she is hurting and there isn’t much I can do about it. I know relief for her will be here as soon as those teeth pop through her gums but the wait is rough. I’m crossing my fingers that the it will happen before next week so we both can get some much needed sleep.MarinaDress

On a good note, after the 10th I get a break from classes and can spend more time with Marina until next semester when my new classes start. I miss her so much when I have to leave her so I am really looking forward to it. She is doing a creep crawl now and got really excited when she managed to escape through the gate of her play area. She was determined to reach her grandpa and giggled the whole time trying to reach him. She is so precious and I am thankful every day to have her in my life.


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