Has it really been that long??

IMarina30 can’t believe how fast time flies! It has been a whirlwind since my high school graduation. Dec 5th is my last day of classes for this semester. It has been a tough one. I took quite a few of the harder required classes this semester so that I could take some lighter courses next semester. Luckily for me I have help with my homework, at least when she isn’t trying to eat it 🙂 I still haven’t chosen a major yet but my counselor said I have time to decide since the basic courses for the first 2 years are required by all majors.

It’s hard to believe that Marina is almost 8 months old. She is such a happy baby. Always smiling and is very talkative. She doesn’t have crawling down yet but she manages to get where she wants to go pretty quickly by pushing herself with her knees like an inchworm. Mom and Dad said I Marina31went straight from rolling to walking and didn’t really bother with crawling at all, with Marina’s determination, she might just do the same thing.

At her 6 month well baby appointment, she weighed 22lbs and was 28inches long. She  still has those adorable baby rolls but her legs are getting longer and I think she’s on another growth spurt. She is now wearing 12 to 24mth clothing depending on the manufacturer and how they are cut. I have a hard time finding pants for her. Most little girl’s clothing has leggings and they are designed form fitting so they are tight, even in the larger sizes. It’s really frustrating. I don’t understand what some of these manufacturers are thinking when they design little girl’s clothing!

I am really looking forward to celebrating the holidays and of course her first Christmas. This has been such an eventful year for me. It has been tough trying to juggle everything. Time is a very hot commodity for me but just seeing that beautiful face and receiving those hugs and kisses everyday makes everything that I am going through worth it.


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