A Heartfelt Thank You To NUK/Gerber/Nestle!

Marina&BearTuesday night UPS showed up at the door with a big box for me. I was quite surprised as I wasn’t expecting anything. Inside was an adorable Gerber teddy bear, a Gerber backpack, 2 Gerber baby bibs and 5 Gerber silver spoons.

Marina absolutely LOVED the teddy bear. She thought it needed lots of hugs and kisses when I gave it to her.  The backpack diaper bag is awesome and sturdy. I can always use bibs and those spoons!! My mother had sent off for the Gerber spoons with each of her children. My little brother’s is actually engraved with his name. I wanted one like that for Marina but they were no longer GerberGoodiesavailable so to me this is an incredible gift.

I know my posts about NUK have centered on the pacifier but that is only one item out of the many they offer for babies. The bibs are completely true. Marina is a Gerber baby, from the formula we use all the way down to the sheets in her crib. Her favorite sippy cup is her NUK cup. I love it too! It doesn’t leak and the handles make it easy for her to hold the cup.

Thank you NUK for the wonderful gift and the excitement and smiles you brought to Marina’s face with the teddy bear.


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