Nuk Pacifier Update

UPDATE 11/13/2014 – I received a phone call from NUK today and I just wanted to say how relieved I am. My information about the handle has been forwarded to the appropriate department and they are going to really look in to it. Thank you NUK. I am hoping this will help make sure that this doesn’t happen to another baby.
Marina29 I finally received a letter in the mail from NUK yesterday.  They reimbursed me with 4 coupons for $5.00 off their tableware products for the 6 pacifiers I returned to them and also wrote me a note stating the pacifier meets regulations because 2 holes are placed in the shield of the pacifier in the event that the entire shield is placed in the mouth and the pacifiers I returned met the standards.

My problem with the response is this – At no time did I state that Marina put the shield of the pacifier in her mouth. I answered very clear questions over the phone about the incident and was very specific in both my email and on the phone as to which part of the pacifier was stuck in Marina’s mouth.


The handle of the pacifier was lodged in her mouth from top to bottom.  It forced her mouth into an open position. She could not remove it and she was screaming in pain the whole time I was removing it. It hurt the inside of her mouth and the shield pinched her lips when she got it stuck. It took me quite awhile to calm her down and not only did it hurt my baby, it really scared me. If you look at the picture of the pacifier, it is now very clear how easy it would be for a baby to get it stuck. It is very large and the shape of it would not allow it to be pulled easily out once it is stuck. I had to stick my finger in her mouth and carefully move it sideways to be able to dislodge it, meanwhile causing Marina more pain and discomfort.

I’m really upset that they have not listened and do not seem to be taking this issue seriously. I know she can’t be the only baby that this has happened to with these pacifiers.


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