Marina’s First Halloween Fun At Babies-R-Us :)

MarinaMouse October 18th I got my little Marina-Mouse ready and we headed to Babies-R-Us for their “Baby’s First Halloween” Event. It was a bit of a drive for us but we were really looking forward to it because there really isn’t anything near us that does anything special for babies on Halloween. From the information I received about the event, there would be a treat bag craft, story time, costume parade, treats for the little one, raffles and prizes. The event was supposed to last about an hour and for the activities advertised it sounded about right.

The event in my store lasted about 10 minutes. We did make hand print treat bags. There was a very short story and the costume parade consisted of stopping at two tables the babies received treats from. Our store gave away two prizes, a stroller and an outfit. The free treats for the babies consisted of:

  • an 18 count package of pampers wipes
  • a bottle of  Enfamil supplemental formula
  • a paper  book from Highlights
  • a Boogie Wipes sample
  • a Dreft stain remover sample and .50 off coupon
  • 2 Babyganics hand sanitizer wipes samples and $1.50 off coupon
  • 1 coupon for a free Happytot apple, peach, pumpkin and cinnamon baby food pouch.
  • One of those cheap plastic skeleton toys with a separate bug in it’s mouth – I’m really surprised with this one. The event is for babies and that thing clearly is NOT baby safe. Not sure what they were thinking including it???MarinaMouse2

I was disappointed that the event didn’t last very long and the parade only had two table stops. The baby treats really didn’t make it worth the gas needed to get there. The highpoint of the day was that even though it didn’t last long, Marina did have fun and I made the most of the trip by taking advantage of a diaper sale on Pampers and also picked up a couple of outfits for Marina. I was disappointed that they were out of the Dr. Brown’s Halloween bottle that I had a free coupon for. I would have thought that with the event they would have made it a point to have them available.

I know they will probably do a first Christmas event. I will probably take Marina if I can arrange it just because she did have fun, but I do hope that my store makes more of an effort to make the event last longer than the 10 minutes the Halloween one did. I also hope they make sure that the treats they are giving the little ones are baby safe.



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