Pacifier Search Update :)

MarinaPacifierFirst of all I’d like to thank the companies that have assisted me in finding a safe pacifier for Marina. Several companies sent coupons for me to use either online or in my local stores and Dr. Brown’s sent a pacifier for Marina to try.  This pacifier is cute and NO handles, though I was very surprised she decided to use it. The nipple of the pacifier is shaped like the Avent soothies. She refuses to use those anymore and I had to find an alternative. She still won’t use it very long and tends to chew on it . It has helped me a night to put her to sleep so that is a very big plus. I love the butterfly shape and am hoping they start selling them very soon.

As far as NUK goes,  I haven’t heard anything back from them after returning the pacifiers yet, but it is still early.  I did receive a phone call from Nestle to see how Marina was doing, which I thought was nice.



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