A Frightening Experience :(

Update 10/09/2014 – I received and email to call their customer support line. I spoke to a representative and answered a number of questions about what happened as well as provided them with the product information from the pacifier packaging. They will be sending me a return envelope to send the pacifiers and the packaging back to them. I am not sure how this is going to progress yet but I do hope that they really examine the handles on these. After it getting stuck in Marina’s mouth, I can now see how easily it could happen with the shape of the handle. Hopefully they will too.


Marina and I had a horrifying incident with one of the Nuk pacifiers this morning. Nuk is the only pacifier she will take and they have been very helpful getting her to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics even suggests to put your child to sleep with a pacifier to help reduce the risk of SIDS but I have to say that from our experience this morning that the Nuk pacifier is NOT safe. About 10 minutes after I put her down for a nap, she screamed like she was in pain. I grabbed her very quickly and found that she had the handle of the pacifier in her mouth turned sideways and stuck. Her lips got pinched by the pacifier base and I had to very carefully try to remove the pacifier from her mouth. She screamed through the whole process because she was really hurt. It all happened so quickly and I am just horrified. I was in the same room with her and was able to take care of it very fast but what would have happened if it was night and I was sleeping? It is a very scarey thought!  Marina is fine and her mouth and lips are doing ok but you can be sure she will not be using a Nuk pacifier again.

I’ve also done some research on the Nuk pacifier after this incident and found that we aren’t the only ones to experience this. I found more on http://www.saferproducts.gov

I have emailed Nuk to let them know of our situation. I will update this post after I hear back from them.U


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