Review – Munchkin Latch Bottle

 ***Munchkin was nice enough to send me 3 8 oz Latch bottles and a 2 pack of replacement nipples to reviewMarina-Latch.***

When Marina was born, she was having trouble sucking. I had to sit her forward in my lap and hold her in a way that my fingers helped keep her mouth closed around the nipple. The hospital staff recommended I use the disposable nipples provided by them instead of the Dr. Brown’s bottles I had for her. It was very uncomfortable for us both. She had no trouble sucking the soothie provided by the hospital but the disposable nipples were longer than the soothie. When I brought her home from the hospital, I immediately changed to her bottles because the nipples were close to the size of the soothie. She hasn’t had any trouble with them and has been growing like a weed.

What attracted my attention to the Latch bottle was the size and length of the nipple and the way it vents to reduce air and colic. Marina hesitated to latch on the bottle at first because the size and LatchBottlesshape of the nipple is different from her normal bottle, but once she got used to the feel of the nipple, she had no trouble latching on and sucking. The way the nipple moves is awesome. She turns her head a lot to see the things around her while she is eating, so the nipple moving with her is perfect. She has had no trouble with air, nor has she had any colic while using the Latch bottles.

I love that the Latch bottle is easy to clean and put together. The instructions are simple to follow and you can have a bottle made and ready to feed in just a couple of simple steps. The pricing of these bottle is right on par with other anti colic bottles. I definitely would recommend the Latch bottles. They are just as good as the Dr. Brown’s at reducing air and they are so much easier to clean.


Check out this cool video on the Latch Bottle features!

You can find out more about the Latch Bottles and other Munchkin products on their website.  Be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up to date on their contests and promotions. If you sign up for emails from Munchkin you will receive a coupon for 10% of your first order.



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