I Did It!!

CarmenGrad1I am now a high school graduate! I can’t believe I am finally finished. It was a long eventful week. My grandparents came in to town on Wednesday. I had to pick up my report card on Thursday, practice was Friday and my graduation was on Saturday morning. It was hot and crowded so I was a bit worried about both my grandma  and grandpa spending all that time in the heat. We had a cookout at the house to celebrate. Mom and dad made lots of good food. It was great spending the time with my family. My aunt babysat Marina during the graduation so both my parents could attend. Most of the people I trusted to watch her attended the graduation so I was very thankful she offered to watch her 🙂

Marina is doing very well and has her 2 month appointment next week. She is getting so big. She is now sleeping in her crib instead of the bassinet because she has outgrown it. She really likes the mobile I got her. She loved spending time with her great grandparents. She was all smiles the whole week. She is starting to sleep better some nights but others she still likes to stay awake and just spend time with me. I’m so sleepy all of the time but Mom and Dad are great. They continue to let me get a nap in the mornings so I do get a little catch up sleep.

The next couple of months are going to be busy. I have to finish my college registration and choose classes. I still don’t know what I want to do but I know this is a big step in finding out. I just want to make sure when I am finished with college, that I have a job that will support both Marina and I. It’s a long road but with my supportive family, I know I can do it.



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