No More School Work!!!

Marina13I am done!! No more work due for school and from the looks of the final grades, I got all A’s! I should know for sure next week after I get my report card. Graduation practice is this Friday and then Saturday morning I receive my diploma. I can’t believe I am done with it…at least for now. I’ll start college in the fall and it will be back to hitting the books. I will be able to finish my registration process for college after I get my diploma and the school sends them my transcripts.

Marina is doing great. She is usually all smiles now and she has doubled in size since she was born.Marina14 She has the chubbiest cheeks. Mom and Dad say she looks just like me when I was a baby. She is really starting to get interested in her mobiles and rattles now and has started to try to giggle. She still has her days and nights backwards but I am hoping we can get that reversed soon. Mom and Dad help me out a lot in the mornings so I can at least get a couple of hours of sleep. Most mornings I feel so drained and I have had a perpetual no sleep headache.  All of it is worth waking up to that beautiful smile of hers.

I am very lucky that I have a supportive family and boyfriend but I know there are so many girls out there that do not have that support network so I want to close this post with a message to other teens. Becoming a parent is not a glamorous thing. Your life is completely turned upside down. The world no longer revolves around you, your friends or what you may want. You are responsible for another life, not your parents, or other family members. Your life revolves around what your baby wants or needs. It is up to you to take care of that child and become a responsible adult. This care does not only mean feeding, changing diapers, and everything else involved with taking care of a child. You are financially responsible for that child. It is up to you to provide that child with clothing, shelter, food and all of the basic needs. And guys… If you father a child, you really need to man up and help support and care for that child.  You helped create a child, take an active role in that child’s life.



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