Rough week and 36 week baby bump.


36 Weeks

Last Saturday night I was feeling pretty rough so my parents took my blood pressure. It was really high even with the bed rest so they took me in to the emergency room to get checked out. I ended up staying in the hospital until Monday afternoon. They had to put me on blood pressure medication to help bring it down. They also did a very thorough ultrasound and 24 hour urine test,  and an EKG on my heart because I have a heart murmur. They monitored Marina all weekend and I was having a few contractions, but they stopped. Since they managed to lower my blood pressure they decided not to induce and sent me home. I now see the doctor twice a week to keep an eye on my blood pressure and to make sure it isn’t affecting Marina. It was pretty scary but the nurses and doctor were great and took very good care of me. I can’t believe I am already 37 weeks. I am hoping that we can keep the preeclampsia under control so I won’t have to be induced. So far it looks like the medication is working.

On the bright side, I  had a very cool mail week! I received a box of 2 cans of baby formula and 4 $5.00 off purchase checks from Gerber. I also got a package in the mail from Munchkin for signing up to be a brand ambassador for them. I didn’t get chosen but they offered me a shipment of their MBaby clothing line to review on their site. I received a “Onester” and “Sleepster” from them  so as soon as Marina is born we’ll be trying them out. They are so soft and adorable!

I’m getting caught up with my school work that I missed the first couple of weeks I was placed on bed rest. Not to much longer and I will be graduating high school and welcoming my baby girl into the world. It has been a crazy, hectic 8 months but all of this will be so worth it in the end.


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