30 week baby bump and a very sad week for us.

carmenbabybump-30weeksDanteI just wanted to get a quick update in. It has been a very hard week for me and my family. We had to put our cat, Dante, to sleep. She had a very large inoperable tumor around her kidneys and liver. She was a member of our family for almost 9 years and I miss her so much.  We rescued her when she was about 6 weeks old. She was part of a litter of kittens that lost their mother to hurricane Katrina. Dante and her siblings survived the storm by hiding in the engine of a truck.  We found them after we were able to go back to MS when the roads were cleared. All of the kittens were adopted by different families in our apartment complex.

I am now 30 weeks and can’t believe how big my tummy has gotten. My paperwork for home bound is with the doctor and I have an ob appointment tomorrow so hopefully we can pick it up then. My grades have been really good, I have a 101 in pre-cal, a 100 in economics, and a 101 in personal finance. Hopefully I can keep this up til final exams while I am on home bound.



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