It has been a crazy couple of weeks!

Carmen-26WeeksI had a great holiday with my family. Mom made lots of food and my best friend spent the day with us. We chowed down and vegged out watching movies. I definitely have my appetite back!

I got a new drawing tablet from my parents for Christmas – which I absolutely love! My old one was acting up so I was very happy when I opened it. I also got one of those tummy support pillows and other cool goodies for both me and Marina. I had a lot of fun watching my family and friends opening the gifts I got for them too. I loved picking everything out for them. We ended up celebrating 3 different days because of work schedules but it really made the weeks so much fun.

I had a prenatal appointment on Dec 31st and I ended up in the emergency room Sunday. I had lots of blood in my urine and pain in my lower abdomen so they did some tests and sent me up to labor and delivery to make sure I wasn’t having any contractions and check Marina’s heart rate. I was pretty scared. Marina is fine but I have a UTI so I have to take Macrobid for a few days and then go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks so they can do another test to make sure everything is clear and also get my blood glucose test done. I’m so glad everything was ok.

We went back to school Monday but we’ll be out for 2 days next week for teachers works days. New classes start next week. I’m going to really enjoy the 4 day weekend 🙂


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