School and Pregnancy Updates

CarmenBabyBump-23WeeksIt’s hard to believe I am already 23 weeks! Marina has been very active. She loves to keep me up at night kicking and my belly seemed to double in size from my 19 week update! I am in the process of getting my room ready for her arrival. We have a lot of moving around to do but my dad got the crib put together. I can’t believe how much stuff you need for a baby.

My parents have been awesome and have already bought a stroller and car seat set, a playpen/bassinet combo and a bouncy seat. I have a good friend that recently had a baby boy that has already given me diapers, a towel and an adorable outfit for her and one of the authors that I design book covers for sent me the cutest pink shark baby towel and loads of cookies! I really feel blessed and am so thankful for all of the support that everyone is giving me.

I have been doing great in school. I was able to exempt my final exams for all of this semester’s classes. 1st semester will end after we go back on the 6th and I’ll start all new classes including Algebra 3, Personal Finance, Government and Economy. I’m not sure when I’ll have to go on home bound but I am guessing at about 36 weeks. Marina is due April 17th and my high school graduation is on May 31st. It is hard to believe I am almost through with high school. I’ll get a short break for summer then I will start college in the fall.  It is going to be a tough semester but I know I can do this. I refuse to be one of the statistics.


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