I’m Having a Girl!

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!


My last appointment was on 2 December 2013. I have been feeling much better and have put on some much needed weight. All of my test results came back normal and I had an ultrasound. The little one cooperated and I found out that I am having a little girl.  For the past few months everyone said it was going to be a boy, but boy were they shocked 😛 My boyfriend wanted a girl so he is thrilled. She was asleep when I was getting the ultra sound but her feet were on top of her head lol. She is going to be a weird one, just like her dad 🙂

Nick and I have been discussing names for a while. It was so difficult to get him to finally agree on a name that we both liked. We finally decided on the name Marina Jade.   Marina was one of my grandmother’s middle names. She passed away in June of 2011 and I miss her a lot. I know she would have loved the name.

I’m halfway there and looking forward to meeting my sweet baby girl.


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