Update – Homecoming and Life


So, last week was my final homecoming week. Of course, since our school has uniforms it’s not as fun as it could be.

  • Matching Monday (we could only wear matching shirts and/or hair  with uniform bottoms)

I was upset I forgot but I had no one to match with…. I also didn’t feel well.

  • Tropical Tuesday (tropical attire but still with uniform bottoms)

I didn’t have anything tropical so I wore a shirt with a flower on it. Lol, almost got in trouble for it too.

  • Western Wednesday (western attire can wear different bottoms)

I decided to wear my dads old shirt. It was a button up black shirt with roses sown on to the collar area and around the neck. Everyone else was stereotypical and wore plain, flannel shirts with boots and cowboy hats. 57There were a couple of people who were dressed as Native Americans .

  • Tacky Tuesday (wear anything)

I wore a turkey hat and a butterball apron 🙂

  • Spirit Friday (tail gate day)

The picture above was from Tacky Tuesday without the hat. The picture under it is me and my friend Shyann but I’m wearing the hat this time. I had to take it off though because it was considered a distraction lol.

I can not explain how horribly hot it was out there on Friday! I felt as if I was having a heat stroke. It was  77 degrees outside but all the grills were on and everyone was cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. I wore a pair of navy blue sweat pants and a gray school shirt since navy blue and silver are our school colors. A lot of girls wore extremely short shorts….so we won’t be having anymore dress down days for the year. -___-

Overall it was quite fun.. I got to talk to old friends, meet new people, and finally eat some food since my morning sickness is sort of subsiding.  But.. with all the the excitement I forgot to turn a paper into English 😦 English has always been my worse subject and I never made the 90s… I had a 92 but with that 0 I now have a 86. My English teacher was upset that he couldn’t put my grade in, the grades were all sent in Tuesday. Oh well! I’ll just have to make a higher grade this quarter so it is above a 89. I have a 96 in Entrepreneurship and a 90 in Biology 2 H. Which was surprising to me, I did have a 84 in Biology but I made a 97 on my bone identification test. ❤

As of the past few weeks I have been reteaching myself Algebra. Ever since I moved here I have had a difficult time with math because the teachers were foreign and I couldn’t understand much of what they were saying. I have Algebra 3 next semester and I need to pass it to graduate (I’ve never failed a class though) but you know, better safe then sorry. I’ve been using CoreAlgebra for Algebra 1 but I need to find a site for Algebra 2 so I can be up to date.


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