Review – Preggie Pop Drops

Preggie-Pop-Drops I still have horrible saliva and morning sickness since the beginning of my pregnancy. I have tried many different products to help but I couldn’t find anything that helped for long periods. I saw Preggie Pop Drops online and really wanted to try them but could not find them locally. Three Lollies was wonderful enough to send me a package of  Preggie Pop Drops to try.

At first I did not like them but that was because of the excess saliva I have been producing. They seemed to just make me produce more and that has been part of the reason my morning sickness has been so bad. I have had to carry a bottle with me for the past 3 weeks to keep from swallowing it but my nausea is so bad I decided to give them another try.

I would have to say that they have helped a whole lot. The saliva isn’t such a nasty taste and now I don’t dry out my throat spitting everything out. They have such wonderful flavors as well. I like every one of them, which is a big plus. Now I don’t get as nauseous after I swallow my spit because the taste is covered up by one of the flavors. After I received the first pack from Three Lollies, I had to make sure I had more on hand. They have helped so much that I don’t want to run out. My mother found them at a Babies R Us in a town about an hour away from us and purchased two more packs for me and I plan on ordering more online.  The Preggie Pop Drops are perfect for me to take to school because they do not allow us to have food out in class unless it is mints.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with morning sickness. It really helps when your saliva is making you more nauseous then you should be. They have definitely made it easier for me to handle the morning sickness. Three Lollies also has a variety of other nausea relief for those without morning sickness. Visit Three Lollies Website for more information on these products.

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