My Glorious Morning


Baby – 8 weeks 6 days

It all started at 5:40 am when my  mother woke me up for school. (I’m 1/4th of the way through my senior year) I woke up in the giant puddle of drool. Of course, I lay in my bedroom until 6:15 am or to the point my bladder is bursting. Today, it was until my bladder was bursting and the fact it was 6:15 am. I have to keep wondering how something so tiny can cause such a stomach ach. I’m hoping I’ll get over this soon as I am almost 13 weeks. I have a doctors appointment Wed. I’ll have to talk to the doctor and see if there is something that will help.

Every morning, right when I get out of bed, I automatically have to throw up thick saliva and sinus drainage. I’ve had a horrible problem with excess saliva and I either have to choke it down with water or spit it out. Today I spit it out in a bottle because I was tired of swallowing it during class. It has an off plastic/metal taste. In 3 hours, I filled a 10oz bottle with spit and I have to say, it is disgusting -_-  I know, TMI but it’s just one of those days for me. Anyway, I did my daily morning throw up and I took a shower. I was finally at the point where I was getting dressed and also five minutes late.. I start throwing up my life, again. I haven’t bothered eating crackers or bread in the morning, it never helps. It comes right up and honestly…. I’d rather throw up giant balls of saliva then bread. Anyway, I finally parted from the toilet and I drove down the road to pick up a friend that rides with me to school.

After the 15 minute drive to the turn on the highway before the school I check both ways… as usual. There are 4 lanes; the right left lane, the left left lane, the right right lane, and the right left lane. I needed to get in the right left lane. The bus in the left left lane was turning left and I made sure the right left and the right right lanes were clear. They were. I pull out while the bus was making a turn and BOOOM, I almost hit a sheriff…. He was in the left right lane and I did not see him at all. When the bus was further up he was beside it and when I pulled up I didn’t see him until I almost hit the front end of his car. My heart literally sank and I almost released my bladder I was so scared he was going to give me a $2,000 fine or take me to jail. Luckily he had sympathy on me. He said he should have realized the bus was hiding him.

Besides those events today, I’ve been fine. Almost hit a turkey on the way home… Still looking for way to control the excess saliva… no luck.

On the bright side, I’m keeping my grades up and my teachers have been very understanding so far. I also get to see my boyfriend this weekend 🙂 He is taking me out to dinner to celebrate us being together for a year. I hope I can keep it down O.O


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