Free Gift Bag At Target For Making A Baby Registry

I was searching around for online baby registries and I came across Target. On their site they offer Wedding and Baby gift registry bags. To receive one of these bags you must:

  • Sign up for the Baby Registry at  Target
  • Pick up your registry bag at a local Target

It’s that easy!

In my baby registry bag I received:

  • A white binky with a green and orange bunny
  • A blue elephant toy with a green and yellow rings
  • Sample of Huggies diapers and diaper wipes
  • Arm and Hammer diaper pail bags
  • Lansinoh Nursing pads
  • Lansinoh Breast milk bags
  • Aquaphor healing ointment (4oz)
  • A $20 Shutterfly gift card
  • A booklet full of coupons

The booklet contained a $5 off any Fisher Price item, 15% off maternity apparel (Target), 10% off basic nursing bras or camis (Target), $8 off Enfamil Expecta prenatal dietary supplement (Target), $1 off MAM baby item (Target), Free 5$ off Target gift card with any purchase of two Mustela baby care items, $1 off Johnson’s baby toiletry item (Target), $2 off Aquaphor baby care item (Target), $1 off A+D diaper rash ointment or cream (Target), $3 off with purchase of Huggies diaper pack and diaper wipes (Target), $2 off with purchase of Pampers diapers and diaper wipes (Target), $3 off Similac ready to feed bottles (Target), and $6 off Gerbert good start powder formula.

Of course, these registry bags will vary. If you are expecting a new born, I’d definitely register for a bag at Target 🙂


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