Multiple Birth Programs :)

I have a friend who is expecting twin girls in March so I decided to search the net for Multiple Birth Programs that will help her alleviate some of the costs. I know how expensive having one baby is. I’d be hard pressed to afford two O.O Because I do not have multiples, I can’t verify these but I hope it helps someone who can :)

My friend has a little ways to go in her pregnancy, so if someone actually verifies these, please let me know and I will add them to a permanent page.

To take advantage of these programs, you will need to draft a letter and send proof of your childrens’ birth (a copy of the crib cards )

Example Letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is (Enter Name) I understand that your company has a multiple birth program that offers products and/or coupons to parents of multiples. On (Birthdate here) , I became the mother of twins/triplets, etc. I would love to take advantage of your program. Enclosed are copies of the crib cards for my babies.

Thank you for your consideration and support.



Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Department QMB
PO BOX 2020
Neenah, WI 54957-2020

Energizer Personal Care Consumer Affairs
PO BOX 537
Neenah, WI 54957

Multiple Birth Program
445 State Street
Fremont, MI 49413

Mead Johnson Nutrition
Attn: Enfamil Multiple Birth Promotion-B215
2400 W Lloyd Expy
Evansville, IN 47721-0001
Luvs Multiple Birth Offer
The P&G Company
PO BOX 599
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Pampers Multiple Birth Offer
The P&G Company
PO BOX 599
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Little Me
Multiple Births Program
112 W 34th St.
New York, New York 10120

1101 Corporate Drive
McHenry, IL 60050

Summer Laboratories
Triple Paste Brand
103 GP Clement Drive

Dr. Browns
Handi-Craft Company
4433 Fyler Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63116

Attn: Multiple Birth Program
2021 9th Street SE
Dryersville, IA 52040

Ocean Spray
Consumer Affairs Dept
1 Ocean Spray Drive
Lakeville-Middleborough, MA 02349

2305 Breton Industrial Park Dr. SE
Kentwood, MI 49508-1548


First Tooth and In Search Of The Perfect Pacifier….

Marina26Marina27Marina turned 6 months old on the 8th. I can’t believe how big she is getting. Along with the 6 month milestone, her first tooth came in. It’s just peeking through and like her it is adorable :)

Because of our experience with the Nuk Pacifier, I am now in search of the perfect pacifier for Marina. She used to use the Avent soothie but will no longer take it. She prefers the shape of the Nuk. I am open to suggestions. The pacifier really helped me get her settled for her naps and I will not under any circumstances give her the Nuk pacifier again.

A Frightening Experience :(

Update 10/09/2014 – I received and email to call their customer support line. I spoke to a representative and answered a number of questions about what happened as well as provided them with the product information from the pacifier packaging. They will be sending me a return envelope to send the pacifiers and the packaging back to them. I am not sure how this is going to progress yet but I do hope that they really examine the handles on these. After it getting stuck in Marina’s mouth, I can now see how easily it could happen with the shape of the handle. Hopefully they will too.


Marina and I had a horrifying incident with one of the Nuk pacifiers this morning. Nuk is the only pacifier she will take and they have been very helpful getting her to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics even suggests to put your child to sleep with a pacifier to help reduce the risk of SIDS but I have to say that from our experience this morning that the Nuk pacifier is NOT safe. About 10 minutes after I put her down for a nap, she screamed like she was in pain. I grabbed her very quickly and found that she had the handle of the pacifier in her mouth turned sideways and stuck. Her lips got pinched by the pacifier base and I had to very carefully try to remove the pacifier from her mouth. She screamed through the whole process because she was really hurt. It all happened so quickly and I am just horrified. I was in the same room with her and was able to take care of it very fast but what would have happened if it was night and I was sleeping? It is a very scarey thought!  Marina is fine and her mouth and lips are doing ok but you can be sure she will not be using a Nuk pacifier again.

I’ve also done some research on the Nuk pacifier after this incident and found that we aren’t the only ones to experience this. I found more on

I have emailed Nuk to let them know of our situation. I will update this post after I hear back from them.U

Review – Bebe Pod Pants

From their website: Bebé PODPantsTM is the brand name for an infant clothing garment that offers busy parents a functional alternative to baby pants, socks and shoes. Worn by baby like pants and specifically designed with strollers and infant car seats in mind, with a patent pending opening for buckles to fit through to secure baby.

Bebé PODPantsTM are not meant to replace baby’s ordinary wardrobe “duds”, just a practical addition you’ll wonder how you did without it! A must-have diaper bag essential; one “diaper-blowout” and you’ll thank us!

**I received a pair of Bebe Pod Pants for an honest review.**

Can I just say that I LOVE these?

I normally keep Marina in a onesie because it is convenient, easy to change her diaper, comfortable for naps and they come in the cutest patterns and styles.

I take Marina out for walks in her stroller all of the time. Usually in the early morning or in the evenings when it has cooled off a bit. The biggest issue I have had in the area I live is mosquitoes. Marina has a target painted on her that attracts the evil little buggers. Being summer it is too hot to dress her in pants, socks and shoes or throw a blanket on her.  Bebe Pod Pants are a perfect solution for me. They are made of lightweight, breathable cotton. They protect her legs and feet from those pesky insects while not getting her too hot during our walks.

Marina really hated being swaddled so I was concerned that she wouldn’t like these. They are soft and Marina does not mind wearing them. They still give her legs enough freedom of movement to keep her happy. The patterns are also really cute.

I would definitely recommend these. I’m going to have to get more for Marina!

To find out more about Bebe Pod Pants, you can visit their website. Make sure to sign up to become a VIP for 15% off your purchase. You can also find them on Facebook.

My Little Star-Spangled Baby.

Marina22Marina will be 3 months old tomorrow. It is hard to believe how quickly she is growing and how fast time flies.  I have learned quite a bit in the past three months.

I am and will always be on her sleep schedule O.O She has good days and bad days when it comes to sleeping at night and I have found that she is a little night owl. I am hoping to get that schedule rearranged before I start classes in August. I have some early morning classes that I need so sleep at night is going to become necessary. I hope she agrees with me O.O

Make sure you have clothes in different sizes. I’m glad my mother told me to do that instead of buying all that cute newborn or 0-3mth clothing. It does not last long. Even with us being careful with sizes, Marina still had a few outfits she might have worn once or in the case of newborn sizes not at all. She was most comfortable in onsies and I love that they stretch and you can get more use out of them.

You can never have enough receiving blankets! Marina really hated being swaddled after we brought her home. She prefers having her arms and legs free and sleeps better that way. Instead of Marina23using them to swaddle her, I use them as burp cloths.

All diapers are not created equal! I haven’t picked a particular brand to use all of the time because I try to purchase when there are sales and I have coupons, but I have found that sometimes you really get what you pay for and blowouts do happen!

I really have a love-hate relationship with Dr. Brown’s bottles. I love how well they work to reduce air but I really hate the fact that if you make a full 4oz bottle they tend to leak. They are also time consuming to clean. I am using both the Dr. Brown’s and the Latch bottles I received from Munchkin now.

Being a mom is not an easy job. there are long nights and sometimes even longer days. Everything revolves around the needs of the child. I have learned very quickly that time to myself for something as simple as taking a shower is a commodity. But the highlight of my day is holding my daughter, seeing her beautiful smiles and watching her grow and learn. She holds my heart in her tiny little hand and no matter how tough this can be, I love her unconditionally. She is the center of my world.